Want to move abroad? These 8 cities are the best for remote work

As countries around the world loosen their travel restrictions, it may be time to contemplate a far-flung move — especially if you’re able to work remotely.

More than half of employees say theability to live somewhere elseis a major benefit of working remotely, according to asurvey by MoneyTransfers.com, a money transfer comparison tool. A separate survey by the Harris poll found that 55% of millennials are considering moving abroad, due to factors like cost of living, a better quality of life, and the ability to have new experiences.

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As more employers transition to a fully-remote workforce, the world has become employees’ oyster when it comes to finding the perfect place to live. MoneyTransfers.com analyzed thebest cities around the world西班牙、葡萄牙和罗马尼亚是生活和工作的理想地点。


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Several of the cities on the list boast low cost of living, easy Visa requirements, pleasant weather and a robust social scene. The list was compiled based on factors like Wifi speeds, availability of coworking spaces, average price of an apartment and the average hours of sunshine. See which cities made the list:

8: Krakow, Poland

7: Sofia, Bulgaria

6: Madrid, Spain

5: Bucharest, Romania

4: Istanbul, Turkey

3: Budapest, Hungary

2: Barcelona, Spain

1: Lisbon, Portugal